November 24, 2019

The Attitude of Corporate Worship

Passage: Philippians 2:1-11

Joel's Outline:

  1. [PROBLEM] It’s easy to be selfish and self-focused (vv. 1-4).
  2. [SOLUTION] We are called to follow Christ’s example of sacrificial service (vv. 3-11).
  3. [APPLICATION] Follow Christ’s example of sacrificial service!
    1. Marriage & family relations: Particularly considering the Thanksgiving holiday this week, how can you show this sacrificial service to your family in practical, tangible ways this week?
    2. Church/corporate worship: How can we apply this text in a church/corporate worship setting? What would that look like? How can we live out this attitude of putting others first and considering others as better or more important than ourselves?

Rob Hewell's Worship "Manifesto"

I will sing if for no other reason than to honor the Scriptural exhortation to sing; singing in worship is a spiritual enterprise, not a musical exercise.

I will vigorously sing the songs I "like" and are most meaningful to me because it's good for my soul, and because in so doing I may encourage another person to sing as well.

I will also energetically sing the songs I "like less" because in so doing I may affirm another person in an expression of faith that's meaningful to them.

I will gladly learn a new song when the worship leader asks me to, for in doing so I may discover something new about my personal faith.

I will sing again the songs I know "all too well," recognizing that someone close to me may be hearing that song for the first time and I can assist them in learning it.

I will be responsible for my own participation in singing; I'll not depend on anyone else in order for me to be in the proper "mood," nor will I allow anyone else's attitudes or actions to prevent me from fulfilling my role as a worshiper before the Lord.

When given the opportunity, I'll speak to these issues; otherwise I will hold myself, and no one else, accountable for these standards.

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