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Download the questions we prepared for this sermon: Discussion Group Questions, October 25

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Youth Update
Hi all,

As we are in the midst of one of our most unique times as a church we are seeking to move forward in humble trust as we prayerfully discern how we can continue to worship and grow together, even if together cannot involve being physically together. Though the times are difficult and uncertain it is a time of opportunity! As a friend told me the other day, times of crisis=times of Kingdom opportunity. As much as we wish we could continue to meet in person, that is obviously not possible in group settings at the moment, but this does provide our families and our church with a unique opportunity to continue worship and grow together!

Over the next few days, I will seek to provide various resources and opportunities that will allow us as a youth group to continue our worship together: I will be sending along resources from RightNow Media that we have been using for our study on the book of Mark that will include the Francis Chan videos that we would have been viewing this Sunday and will also provide a list of questions that can be discussed as a family. If you do not have access to RightNow Media, you can email Alyssa ([email protected]) and she can grant you access.

Also, this Wednesday we will stream our Lent worship service and on future Wednesdays we as a church are talking about ways the youth along with parents might be able to virtually gather through online accounts such as Zoom (please stay tuned).

This afternoon I also spoke with the Star Center and we have had to cancel our Broomball event on the 28th. I hope we might be able to reschedule at some point but as of now we do not have any date set.

Also wanted to pass along that we have created a new Instagram page rbc.oasis as another way to connect and keep everyone up to date on all things pertaining to OASIS.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am excited about how God wants to and can use this time to draw your families all the closer to each other and to Him. I pray He uses these times of reading the Scriptures, watching the videos, praying together, etc. as amazing opportunities for growth and discipleship. I truly am exhilarated about how God wants to use these unique circumstances in your families!!!

We want to love and serve you the best we can amidst all these changes, so again, please let me know of any way I can serve you. I did also wanted to share a video with some thoughts the Lord put on my heart, I hope they can be of encouragement to you and your students:

Young Adults Update
Midweek Devotionals

June 10, Dave Carr:

June 4, Sten-Erik Armitage:

May 27, Preston Russell:

May 20, Sten-Erik Armitage:

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Download the questions we prepared for this sermon: Discussion Group Questions, October 18 as well as Guidelines for a Sabbath Rhythm

Download the questions we prepared for this sermon: Discussion Group Questions, October 11

If you have the YouVersion Bible App, try opening our Online Bulletin

Download the questions we prepared for this sermon: Discussion Group Questions, October 4

If you have the YouVersion Bible App, try opening our Online Bulletin

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Our Stories About Being The Church Though Apart

Please share your stories about the experience of BEING THE CHURCH even when we cannot be in each other’s presence. Email Brad with your story: [email protected]

From Dave Carr:

This past weekend Becka & I traveled to Charlotte NC to visit family. It felt a little funny traveling on the weekend when the reality of CoronaVirus resulted in the cancellation of sporting events, concerts, plays, foreign travel and on it went. And as we now know, that was just the beginning. When we arrived at the Charlotte airport for our return flight home that Sunday we both “logged into” the RBC on-line service. From the opening scan of our beautiful glass wall to the final words of Sten-Erik’s message we were amazed at how much it felt a regular worship service. Of course there wasn’t anyone in the Sanctuary as it was recorded, but it wasn’t difficult to imagine others, like us, spread across many locations but united for a time watching this service. It was comforting to know that even though countless major events had been cancelled, we were still able to participate in our worship service. We’re so thankful that Christ’s church, which has carried on through persecution, wars, natural disasters will not be stopped by the CoronaVirus. In our new normal of social distancing and limited gatherings His church will carry on and we will continue to worship and praise the King of kings and Lord of lords.

From Lynne Sleiman:

We watched the Sunday sermon on our TV that my husband “cast” from his phone (using a Chromecast device you plug into your tv).

The only part that made the experience a little bumpy was when the sound cut off for a bit because my husband’s phone (that he was casting from) was updating the app that keeps his electronic coffee cup’s temperature to perfection. It is okay though, we paused and reloaded the page and didn’t miss a thing. Welcome to the future!

From Hannah Regier:

A few of my young adults group and I gathered at at my friend’s apartment at DTS last Sunday, March 15. We prayed, watched the service, and sang to worship songs on YouTube. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, fun, and also meaningful as we worshiped together. Love and miss my Redeemer family and look forward to being back together.

From William Matthews:

To say that going online to partake in the Sunday morning worship, via a recorded video, was different, is an understatement. First off, Laramie and I ended up using it as our daily devotion time together that evening. We started by using her 18″ monitor to view, a computer chair, and a hard wooden dining chair as our “pews.” I decided that nearly an hour on wood would be too much, and I slid our loveseat to the computer area. I then got a better idea of turning our 50″ TV into the largest computer monitor that I ever had. As one who works as an A/V team member, the whole recording came out great. Having the lyrics on screen was a surprising twist. If we can’t be together in person, at least we can in spirit.

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