Chris Holder, interim Lead Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church, requested the use of our facility for a baptism service since Bethel does not have a baptistry. Pastor Holder explained that

At Bethel we have a worship service in the language of Kinyanwanda that is made up of refugees and other immigrants from The Congo and Rwanda. They are preparing for some baptisms and are wishing to use a facility that allows for immersions.

Redeemer’s Elder Board were delighted that we could serve fellow believers in this significant way. Our Deacon Allen Sandlin, and Elder Jim Hilliard put considerable effort into preparing the baptistry–which is in some disrepair–for this baptismal service. As Allen said,

That event was worth everything we have spent on maintaining that building and I really want our congregation to see just what we are doing even at a time where our work is not so visible.

Note: You may find Pastor Holder’s short introduction to the baptism very encouraging. If you’d like to skip to the baptisms themselves, advance to about 11 minutes, 40 seconds into the video.