2020 Year-End Report and Appeal

Please View Sten-Erik’s video report: Conventional Giving Mail Check to P.O. Box: Redeemer Bible Church P.O. Box 570545 Dallas, TX 75357-0545 Online Giving Use This Link: www.rbcdallas.org/give

Business Meeting

Please fill out the following form, indicating how you plan on participating in the December 13 Business Meeting: How do you plan on attending?*In-person (I will vote in-person)Via video conference (please email me a link to an online ballot)I will not be attending,...

Praying Paul’s Prayers

This resource was created as an aid in applying Brooks Nesse’s sermon of July 12, 2020. Click the image below for the PDF and then print out as many additional copies as you wish.

The Great Roofing Disaster & Flood of 2020

Here is Dave Carr’s update on the roofing situation: Earlier Videos: Please view the video below, and stay tuned for details, especially concerning any changes in meeting rooms. The roofing company will be responsible for damages. But please do stay tuned for...