Redeemer’s Elder Board Members are responsible for spiritual oversight of the congregation.

Larry Foster, Mike Howard, Jim Raikes, Don Regier, chairman Scott Shaffer


Redeemer’s Deacon Board Members are responsible for the well-being of the church facilities and property.

Kris Dain, Brian Coppinger, Susan Millet, Philip Paris, Leonard Rees, chairman Charlie Reibenstein


-You may notice our lack of a Senior Pastor/Lead Pastor, this is intentional, we have a team approach to Church Leadership and we like it that way-

Sten-Erik Armitage, Teaching Pastor

Sten-Erik is passionate about helping others to think Christianly about their faith, ministry, and daily lives. It is this desire that brought him out of a career in human resources and legal compliance to study at Dallas Theological Seminary. In his final year of the ThM he was awarded the Rollin Thomas Chafer Award for his work in apologetics as well as the H. A. Ironside Award in Expository Preaching. Sten-Erik is married to his beautiful wife, Lisa, and they have three amazing daughters. In addition to his role as Director of Spiritual Formation at the seminary, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Theological Studies. His academic interests include spiritual formation, divine attributes, theological aesthetics, and apologetic method.

Kent Barnard, Care Pastor

Kent Barnard played an indispensable role in founding Redeemer Bible Church in 1999, and subsequently served as chairman of the Deacon Board for the congregation’s first nine years. He joined the staff full time in 2010. He works closely with the other pastors and boards to provide pastoral care to individuals in the congregation.

Kent previously served in senior leadership roles at other Christian organizations.

He was born and reared in Canyon, Texas, accepted Christ at a youth camp when he was 12, and later attended Dallas Bible College, where he majored in Christian Education. He and his wife, Jane, live in Dallas and have two adult daughters.


Bert Howard, Connect Pastor

Bert, a retired Navy Commander and Aviator, came to trust Christ as Savior in 1994 through the effective preaching of the Word by a Navy Chaplain. His desire is to reach the lost with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to help others make a positive and eternal impact for His glory. Before coming to Redeemer, Bert faithfully served in a variety of ministry, small group, and outreach roles centered around military Chapel communities in Hawaii, Texas, Japan, the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the Philippines. He graduated from the College of Charleston in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration and is a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Navy’s Aviation Safety Officer School in Monterey, CA. He relocated from Corpus Christi to Dallas in May 2011 in order to continue a Master of Theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary. Bert has been married for 27 years to his beautiful wife Bing, who was born and raised in the Philippines. A home schooling family, they have two tremendous sons, Brian, an Ensign in the United States Navy, and Elijah, who is now beginning his second year of College. Bert loves the Lord, his family, Christian fellowship, great barbeque, and College Football.

Patrick Boyd, Youth Pastor

Patrick is passionate about seeing teenagers understand and actualize the reality that church is not something we do or a place we go, it is something that we are, as Christians. Teaching and discipling youth are part of his set of gifts and his desire is to do that until he meets his maker, so to speak. He is also an avid sports fan and loves to laugh at his own jokes. Patrick is in pursuit of a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary set to graduate in Summer 2017. He and his wife Michelle were wed in 2009 and they have two rambunctious boys, Declan and Grady.

Heidi Regier, Children’s Ministries Director

Heidi grew-up in Dallas as the baby of the family with three older brothers. Her mother led her to Christ when she was five-years-old. As a teenager, Heidi became the big sister to two little sisters adopted from China. Heidi earned her B.A. in Church Music from Moody Bible Institute in 2003, an M.A. in Christian Education and her TESOL certificate from Dallas Seminary in 2006 and 2009. She enjoys gardening, urban chicken farming, reading, and playing the piano.



Ryan Stanton, Business Administrator

Ryan and his wife, Erica, met in 2008 at West Dallas Community School where Erica taught 3rd grade and Ryan, a volunteer, was assigned to tutor in her classroom. They married in July 2011 and now have a 2 year old son, Davied, and a new baby girl, Annaliesa. Ryan dedicated his life to Christ at a summer camp outside Dallas in 2003 and graduated from Baylor University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Business Arts Degree focusing on Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He spent 7 years working in Sales Management and Direct Sales roles prior to joining Redeemer Bible Church. Ryan and Erica live in the White Rock area and love outdoor strolls at the lake, tennis, skiing, and raising their two children. Ryan enjoys volunteering alongside the Youth Pastor while Erica serves by singing in the choir.